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Outside Game Studio is a lean group of veteran developers with decades of experience leading teams to ship blockbuster AAA, AA+, and independent video games on PC and console platforms.



Outside was founded in 2019 by industry veterans Mick Buckmiller and Niles Sankey. Mick and Niles met at Bungie, where they helped lead the development of the Halo and Destiny franchises for over ten years.



We're currently developing our first title, Binary Smoke.



To unite talented, passionate, and collaborative game developers who build ground breaking experiences while evolving and redefining industry development practices.


To be a supportive and diverse group who share a holistic vision for our studio, our team, and our products.


To innovate and evolve through continual growth, analysis, and iteration of our plans, our processes, and our people.


To build accessible games that can succeed commercially with a global audience.

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