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Hey everyone, Outside Game Studio is pleased to announce Binary Smoke!

Check out the Announce Trailer here

This is the first game being developed here at OGS. Take a look below for some general information about the game and social media links. We'll have more information about Binary Smoke and our studio in the coming weeks and months.

Q: What is Binary Smoke?

A: Binary Smoke is a story-driven 3D sci-fi action adventure game. Assume the role of a rogue Binary lifeform in a futuristic, authoritarian ruled city-state. Rebel against the ruling class and their oppressive police force to ignite a revolution that will change the city and its people forever.

Q: When is the game releasing?

A: We're looking to release Spring 2022.

Q: What platforms will Binary Smoke be released on?

A: We're going to release on the Epic Game Store first, but we're planning on additional platforms... stay tuned!

Q: Where else can I find information on Binary Smoke?

A: Below are the links to our social media platforms.

Social Media Links:

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